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World Tours Studio

Get ready to dive into Italian food, art, language and history living the true local culture in our beautiful city of Verona. Tailor-made tours for you.

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Language courses for companies

If you want to invest in your employees, we have the solution for you!

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Partner of a worldwide network

inlingua Verona is a partner of a worldwide network that has been a leader in language training for individuals and companies for over 40 years, with more than 350 centres in over 44 countries. The quality of our services, combined with the proven effectiveness of our exclusive training method, will allow you to undertake the study of a foreign language with maximum results even in a very short time.

About us

Inlingua method

The inlingua method relies on decades of experience within the language teaching environment and it’s constantly updated in order to keep up with an ever-changing world.

The method especially focuses on direct communication through conversation and this allows to emphasise the spoken language.


Languages you can learn with us

In addition to the most common languages such as English, Spanish, German and French, inlingua also specialises in 20 other languages including Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Northern European languages.

Inlingua Verona exam centre

inlingua Verona is an official exam centre for the following English certificates

Whatever your level, there is always time to learn Italian with courses for foreigners in inlingua’s classrooms. Fear not, thanks to the support of specialised teachers, your course will be fun and stimulating and always within your reach, so what are you waiting for?

English is the language of communication, technology, research and work; mastering it is the best investment you can make for your present and future. For over 40 years inlingua Verona has been offering the opportunity to learn English through courses designed for different age groups and the specific needs of each individual. The experience and achievements of our students have allowed us to develop a successful teaching method, together with texts and technologies to support learning aimed at improving everyone’s results.

Learn German and discover all the opportunities that come with knowing this language. Did you know that German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe? Approximately 95 million people in Europe consider it their first language.

Spain, Central America and South America are among the most popular and fascinating travel destinations. This and the fact that more than 45 million Europeans consider Spanish their mother tongue are good reasons to start studying it.

French is the romantic language par excellence, but it is also the language of fashion, literature and art. Considering those who have studied it as a second language, 30% of Europeans know French, which is also among the official languages of international relations.

Portuguese is spoken by 202 million native speakers and is prevalent in 11 countries spread over 4 continents, yet knowledge of it is still low in Italy. Why not start learning it and include it in your CV? It will make all the difference!

The Cyrillic alphabet will no longer have any secrets after you attend inlingua’s Russian language courses. Trained and specialised teachers are ready to guide you through the rules of Russian grammar and idioms, so what are you waiting for?

The mix of tradition and progress, technology and natural beauty, with a culture and traditions so different from ours, the cuisine, the cherry blossoms… If these details make you fall in love too, why not start studying Japanese?

Did you know that the Romanian language shares origins with the Italian language? If you start studying it, you will realise the many similarities and things they have in common. You will also get closer to another culture, the traditions and history of a fascinating country.

Have you always dreamed of working abroad, perhaps in a fascinating city like Dubai? Then you could start by learning the Arabic language! Let inlingua courses help you and immerse yourself in this new challenge. Why not start together with a friend who shares the same passion?


Thanks to the proven experience and to the know-how gained throughout the yaers, Inlingua Verona is national leader in business traning.

Our services allow all businesses to study languages through personalised programs and goals.

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Official acknowledgements

The TÜV label with ISO 9001:2008 quality certification proves the high standards of our inlingua Verona services.

Moreover, inlingua Verona is an authorised entity by the Ministry of Public Education as well as accredited training center by the Veneto Region.

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