Current agreements

Our school is affiliated with the following entities and Welfare providers: Confindustria Verona, WILLConsulting SRL, Eudaimon, AON, Staff Welfare, Gruppo Pellegrini, Happily Welfare. The agreement includes special prices on our services for all the employees working in the businesses above mentioned.

All the subscribers to Scaligera Basket have a 10% discount on all the language courses

-10% on all the individual, club, group courses – children and teenager courses

-10% su tutti i Corsi individuali, Corsi di gruppo e i Corsi per bambini e per ragazzi.

-10% on all the individual, club, group courses – children and teenager courses

-10% on all the individual, club, group courses – children and teenager courses

-5% on all individual courses (english/german/spanish/french)
-5% discount on summer camp

-10% discount on summer camp – employees’ children

Are you a teacher?

In our inlingua language centers you can use your Teacher’s Card e-vouchers (Bonus Docenti) to join our courses and improve your professional skills.

What is the Teachers’ Card?

It is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, University and Investigation established by the law 107 of the 13th of July 2016 (Buona Scuola), art. 1 clause 121, which introduces the e-Card for tenured teachers’ updating and training in schools.

The beneficiaries

The Card is given to tenured teachers with permanent, full-time and part-time contract, including the ones who are carrying out a training or trial period, to the teachers declared ineligible due to health issues (according to the Legislative Decree 16/04/94, n. 297, and following amendments), to the teachers covering leadership positions and non-tenured, to the ones teaching abroad and in military schools.

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You can use the culture bonus to join a language course in our school!

What is the culture bonus?

It is an initiative aiming to promote culture among teenagers. The program is especially dedicated to the ones that turned 18 in the current year and gives the opportunity to receive 500€ spendable in cinema, music, concerts, cultural events, books, museums, monuments and parks, theater and dance, media products, music, theater and language courses. More information on our official site.

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