Certification Exam


Subscription fee
In order to register for Inlingua courses, it is necessary to pay an annual fee of €30. If you have not paid it yet, please add it to your shopping cart.


You can take Linguaskill at any time and place, both at our headquarters, at your firm or university, with the inlingua Staff’s supervision and presence during the test. It is possible to take tests in two versions, Business and General; in this way, you can assess the type of English that best suits your organization.


With Linguaskill you can receive accurate results within 48 hours and you’ll have clear and detailed Individual or Group Reports. The results expressed comply with the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the international descriptive standard used for the assessment of language skills.


The registration to the test must be completed at least 7 days before the date of the test.

Exam description

Listening and Reading tests are made of a single module lasting 60-85 minutes. It is an adaptive test, therefore questions become easier or more difficult according to the student’s previous answers. Questions are based on the comprehension of reading texts, finding the missing word and listening to audios. Most of the answers are in multiple choice format.

The duration of the Writing test is 45 minutes and it includes the production of two texts, the first of at least 50 words, while the second of 180 words. The computer automatically counts the number of produced words.

The Speaking test lasts 15 minutes and consists of 5 parts. In this section, the oral production is recorded and evaluated by the multimedia system and subject to further post-examination verification.

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