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Dopo il successo dei webinar gratuiti, inlingua Verona è felice di presentare il calendario dei workshop online in ambito business:


What’s the best design for your CV? How do we make sure we get THAT phone call? How long does it take to write and design a great CV? We’re going to share ideas, tips and techniques to learn how to market yourself in the best way. This will make you stand out from other candidates. If you are thinking about making a fresh start and getting yourself ready for applying for new roles, this is a good opportunity to get your CV up to date, even if you are not considering looking for a new job.

Lunedì 12, 19, 26 ottobre e lunedì 2 novembre dalle 18:30 alle 20:00


This webinar is designed to provide you with key English expressions to help you manage customers in a successful way. We will also discuss some fundamental tips and useful advice on how to handle clients in different types of situations that can sometimes be challenging. A part of the webinar will be dedicated to customer correspondence. Start improving your customer service skills by attending this online class.

Lunedì 12, 19, 26 ottobre e lunedì 2 novembre dalle 18:30 alle 20:00


Fish where the fish are: learn tricks and strategies to build a great LinkedIn profile. Social media are not just for fun, they’re also business opportunities. Why LinkedIn? Because it’s home to 500 millions of professionals. These 5 steps will give you ideas to make your profile stand out and make sure you fish where the fish are! You don’t have to be Instagram famous for your brand to see the best results. Success comes from engaged audiences and great content. It might seem difficult to think about ensuring a successful outcome when you’re just starting an Instagram marketing strategy, but you’ll find that the approach of careful planning very helpful.

Martedì 13, 20, 27 ottobre e martedì 3 novembre dalle 18:30 alle 20:00


Questo workshop ha lo scopo di fornire ai partecipanti le conoscenze utili a muoversi attraverso le norme in materia di protezione dei dati personali e a costruire un proprio Modello Organizzativo. Verranno approfonditi i concetti e le nozioni essenziali per comprendere le azioni da mettere in atto, in secondo luogo verrà mostrato come eseguire l’analisi del contesto i riferimento e reperire le informazioni per l’impostazione del modello adatto alla propria organizzazione, si affronterà l’aspetto della redazione della modulistica e l’elaborazione delle procedure e, poi, verranno approfonditi i temi della gestione della privacy nel rapporto di lavoro e nella modalità di lavoro smart.

Giovedì 15, 22, 29 ottobre e martedì 5 novembre dalle 18:30 alle 20:00


This online Course is based on real-world contexts and needs, and reflects the modern manager’s need for a swift, clear and strategic approach to business communication. It will help the learner to gain confidence in written business communication through better understanding not only of conventions in terms of language and style, but also of the way texts function in building and nurturing relations with business partners, while at the same time achieving goals. The course equips learners to deal with real-world business situations with language practiced in authentic contexts. The language covered is directly linked to key strategies used in business communication with techniques for enhancing communication between non-native speakers.

Giovedì 15, 22, 29 ottobre e martedì 5 novembre dalle 18:30 alle 20:00


We’re going to learn and practice with words, verbs, idioms taken from the flexible working glossary: terms and concepts you’re going to need every day. From ‘Ad hoc flexibility’ to ‘Zero-hours contracts’, it’s all there. And what does ‘flexicurity’ have to do with flexible working?

Martedì 10, 17, 24 novembre e martedì 1 dicembre dalle 18:30 alle 20:00

Prezzo per ogni corso: 75 euro 

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