World Tours Studio

More than 20 years ago a group of passionate travelers founded World Tours Studio, inspired to create peak experiences for others.

World Tours Studio offers the experience of a team of professionals who have organized hundreds of travel programs for adventurous individuals, universities, international companies, groups of friends, group leaders, teachers, and experts in their own fields. We offer tours, study abroad programs, and niche programs such as food and wine tours, sketch-booking workshops, and wellness retreats. Whether you want to sign up for one of our scheduled tours or want us to create a trip tailored to your specific interests, our expert team will be there for you every step of the way.

You provide us with your focus, preferred dates and destinations. We do the rest, putting together a package that then you can offer to your followers or students. We take care of all the logistics to free you up to fill your travel groups.

Programs in the past have coupled Italian language training with Italian culture courses, ranging from Architecture and Art History to Italian Fashion and Cinema Studies, History, Literature, Music, Law, Business, Sciences, and Tourism. Each University or Group is able to arrange the courses and trips that best suit their programs’ needs. With the help of our on-site-coordinators, we will cater to your program’s specific goals to ensure that the clients will have an unforgettable experience based in our beloved city. Additional activities include local tours and events, cultural tours of the art and history of Verona and the Veneto, along with wine tastings and exquisite culinary outings at traditional local restaurants.

These tailor-made experiences offer groups opportunities to see Italy like no other tour allows. Experienced bi-lingual staff members will remain with your group throughout the duration of your stay. Guides possess a thorough knowledge of Italy and a passion to share their expertise in the friendliest and most invigorating way possible.

To offer your dream program, we can organize a variety of lectures, activities, and full courses on many different topics. If you do not see the option you were hoping for, we can create it just for you. The options can be selected as single items or combined, in order to create your tailored experience, matching your specific preferences.

Let World Tours Studio show you the world.

We ensure friendly, efficient and constant assistance on both sides of the ocean, whether you are a student on a Study Abroad program or a curious traveler who wants to explore and experience new places. With us, you will be able to delve right into the culture of the country you visit, leaving behind the clichéd, tourist attractions and discovering the true heart of the cities and countries you will explore.

With our offices based in Verona (Italy) and in Seattle (U.S.), our staff expertly research and book accommodations, ground transportation and activities for groups, satisfying the requests of our customers and ensuring the best travelling and learning experience you could wish for.

With a wide range of tours and Study Abroad programs available and the possibility to tailor new ones to your needs, we are confident you will be fully satisfied with our offerings.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about possible ways we can work together to introduce our services to you.

Embrace the differences, discover the world!