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Verona International Program

In the heart of Verona, Italy, we are a unique study abroad program specialized in designing customized University programs. From language courses to guided tours, you benefit from our 25 years of expertise as we take students far beyond classrooms.ven-vr-pzabra1

For more than 25 years, the Verona International Program (V.I.P) has been dedicated to providing its students with the opportunity of studying and living abroad in Verona, one of Italy’s most historic and culturally-rich cities. Students have the option of being a part of an eight-week semester program, a four-week summer program, or a customized program.

Logo BriefpapierWhile in Verona, students have the opportunity to participate in language courses provided by inlingua Verona, which are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. inlingua Verona will provide its own staff of qualified teachers, or programs may use their own teachers from their own institutions. The completion of an inlingua course is equivalent to up to 60 hours of course work at an American university, but individual programs may address credit allotment at their own discretion.

imagesIn addition to language courses, V.I.P. offers cultural classes in areas such as history, literature, music, art, law, business, sciences, and tourism – all of which can be customized with the assistance of our Program Director, Richard Collins. While living in Verona, students will enjoy local tours and events arranged specifically for students by the Verona Interational Program staff. As we are determined to create the best experience for our participants, we will provide a series of in-depth cultural tours of the art and history of Verona and the Veneto, along with wine tastings and exquisite culinary outings at traditional local restaurants. With the Verona International Program, you benefit from our 25 years of expertise as we take our programs far beyond the classroom.

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The opinion of one of the group leaders that visited Verona:

“Dear inlingua staff,

I want to send you a huge thank you for organizing my art workshop to Italy this year. I have been thoroughly 3fc746cimpressed with your staff, efficiency, quality and attention to detail. More importantly, my clients were thrilled.

The villa you selected for our stay and the cooking classes were huge hits with my group. In a market where there is great competition, inlingua has allowed me to offer a top shelf program at an affordable price.   I was also impressed with all the ground transportation (always on time and beautiful vehicles), the hotel in Venice and the restaurants selected for us for our group dinners.

When I compare how much time I put into organizing these workshops before I discovered inLingua’s services and the ease of setting it up through inlingua, I have saved probably 80 hours of work and your pricing was much lower than I was able to negotiate on my own.  I can’t thank you enough for making this experience memorable and profitable.”